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Dagadana “Meridian 68” STANDARD

The unique album "Meridian 68" by the Polish-Ukrainian band is finally on vinyl! A collector's, two-CD edition for the group's 15th anniversary, a unique edition with excellent sound, guaranteed by POLVINYL, R.A.N.D. Muzik, and Pauler Acoustics.

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A unique release and a noble sound:
when you buy"Meridian 68" vinyl, you will receive two 180-gram 45 rpmLPs, pressed on black vinyl from 100% virgin granulatematerial. The album is accompanied by a beautifulanniversary booklet and four reprints of the coverartwork by Olga Kravchenko.

For this special edition, the legendary German studio PaulerAcoustics has prepared a completely new mastering of the album and an optimal track order for the vinyl sound.
The album will be pressed using DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) technology, which is cut directly into copper. The pressing will be handled by Polvinyl, combining the German crew's experience with superb Neumann and Toolex Alpha machinery resources.
The result is not only a unique release that will delight vinyl collectors but also a superb sound that will satisfy connoisseurs of jazz, electronica, and world music.

Discover great sounds. Experience a new way of collecting.

For fans of the highest digital quality, we also prepared Goldenblack Digital Vinyl™ in collaboration with Pauler Acoustics.
The digital version of the album has been transferred directly from DMM to digital file using an EMT Pure Black cartridge
(cartridge of the year in 2021) mounted on an EMT 929 tonearm,
EMT JPA 66 phono stage and LAVRY AD 122-96 MXanalog/digital converter.

Meridian 68

"Meridian 68" is a unique album by the Polish-Ukrainian band Dagadana, which combines four cultures: Polish, Ukrainian, Mongolian, and Chinese. On the album, the group turns to fresh interpretations of timeless folk music pieces, which sound like a unique fusion of genres, mixing jazz, ethno, and electronics.

The album includes traditional songs from various regions of Poland, Ukrainian and Lemko folk songs, Mongolian poetry that can be heard here, as well as one unique song recorded in Chinese together with the Mongolian-Chinese band North Lab. "Meridian 68" was nominated for the "Fryderyk" award in the Album of the Year: Roots Music category.

Dagadana-Meridian 68-cover

Check the tracklist

1. U jeziorecka
2. Grajo gracyki
3. Nie będę się kłopotała
4. Koby ne moroz
5. Jestem sobzie starozina
6. Kangding Qingge

1. U poli bereza
2. Plywe kacza po Tsyni
3. Siałem proso na zagonie
4. Rano rano raniusieńko
5. A w tomu sadu




The Dagadana band has been brilliantly combining elements ofUkrainian and Polish culture through jazz, electronica or world music for fifteen years. It was founded in 2008 by Daga Gregorowicz (Poland) and Dana Vynnytska (Ukraine). Today, Dagadana is already a quartet, sometimes expanding to include a brass section and even a symphony orchestra. Dagadana was the only band from Poland and Ukraine to play at one of the world's biggest music festivals in 2019 - thelegendary Glastonbury Festival in the UK. Among others, theAmerican National Geographic wrote about it. The group hastoured in more than 30 countries, including the largest festivalin South America and a number of tours in China. Dagadana hasso far played on a raft, in a mine and even in the desert.

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“Meridian 68”


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“Meridian 68”


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The release of the GOLDENBLACK VINYL™ vinyl record and its digital version, GOLDENBLACK DIGITAL VINYL™, will takeplace on 20 October 2023.

The vinyl record will be shipped a few days before the release in order to reach you on the day of the release.GOLDENBLACK DIGITAL VINYL™ will be available on the day of release.

We sell the vinyl in Poland, UK and overseas.

For international shipping we use Fedex.

It is a vinyl record that comes with a Digital Authenticity Certifi cate, into which we have poured all our passion forsound quality. We have teamed up with masters of vinyl mastering, DMM master cutting and pressing to captureall the beauty of the music created by artists and producers in the studio. This is vinyl at its fi nest in both audio andprint quality, additionally combined with modern technology such as blockchain, which allows for unprecedented possibilities in collecting.

A Digital Authenticity Certificate is more than just a certificate that your disc is genuine. It is an NFT token encoded in a secure and inviolable data registry using blockchain technology. It is inextricably linked to your vinyl; it also certifies that your record number is actually the one that came out of the pressing machine in that order (my number 1 is really number 1 and not just the number on the box). The Digital Authenticity Certificate is also an acknowledgement of your involvement in the project. For example, it certifies how long you have been a fan and listened to a particular band (now you finally have proof that you "listened to them before they were famous"). It's also a PDF that you can download and print, where you'll find the CCA number encoded in the blockchain network and all the metadata you need about the release, band, production, mastering, master preparation, pressing, and production sequence with production date and time.

It is a digital recording that is ripped directly from the DMM master in the studio where the matrices are cut. An extremely sensitive and precise needle, connected to the highest quality audio equipment, follows the diamondcutting knife directly during the ripping process. The result is an audio recording that is unaffected by any subsequent processing (such as plating or pressing).
A novelty in the world of digital files is the use of blockchain technology and the NFT solution based on it. This allows you to own a digital file in the same way you own a vinyl record. But that's not all—if you pre-order GOLDENBLACK DIGITAL VINYL™, your cryptocurrency wallet address will be stored in this file, proving once and for all that you were the first to buy it.

It is a collection of famous digital stickers created by Konrad Kirpluk, especially for the Meridian 68 album, which are also NFT tokens.
Konrad Kirpluk has been creating The Simples since 2013 and has worked with such world-famous brands as Nike, Foot Locker, and Blizzard, making his work very popular and in demand in the Web3 world.

If we have your cryptocurrency wallet address, you will receive the certificate on the release date of October 20.

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Yes. Remember that your vinyl is inextricably linked to the CCA. After you sell your vinyl with CCA, don't forget to send the vinyl to the address indicated. Also, remember to add shipping costs to the sale price.

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