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Vinyl: a space where people meet people

Music has always been more to me than just sound. It is a medium that allows me to express my emotions and feelings. Music enables me to immerse myself in the artistic world of creators. However, in today’s times where streaming and MP3 files seem to dominate, I discover something unique in vinyl records – a true depth of musical experience and the extraordinary power of a community of sound enthusiasts.

Meeting another human being

In its physical presence, a vinyl record creates a space where humans meet each other physically. This is a unique aspect that distinguishes vinyl from today’s digital music forms. Vinyl takes me back to a time when music was not just sound but also a carrier of human relationships.

The history of vinyl dates back to the first half of the 20th century, and its popularity grew over the years. It was a time when vinyl was the primary medium for music and held exceptional value. Unfortunately, over the years, it was replaced by modern technologies, but today it is gaining recognition again, especially among younger listeners, which personally delights me. Vinyl is not just nostalgia for the past; in my opinion, it is a human yearning for the community of people who are enthusiasts of the social dimension of music. The vinyl record has a human face!

Photo: Mohammad Metri, Unsplash

Sound and cover art

I cannot overlook the obvious advantages of vinyl. Its sound is entirely different from compressed MP3 files. It is a warmer, fuller, and more natural sound appreciated by true music enthusiasts. Each song becomes a unique experience, and the accompanying cracks and hisses add charm to the celebration of listening to favorite artists.

The aesthetics of vinyl also speak to me. Vinyl record covers are true works of art that could be displayed in a gallery. Well, maybe not all of them! This visual aspect adds something special to the musical experience. Collecting vinyl becomes a passion, and each collection is an expression of the taste and individuality of its owner.

The community aspect

However, what makes vinyl extraordinary and unique is the community aspect. Vinyl enthusiasts form a community where they can share their passion, experiences, and opinions. Vinyl shops, record fairs, or collector meetings are places where people meet in person, exchange impressions, and talk about their favorite tracks. It is an incredible experience that integrates people with common interests.

Photo: Simon Noh, Unsplash

Meeting in the real world, conversation, sharing opinions, and collectively experiencing emotions related to music create a sense of community that is unparalleled. Vinyl is not just a musical medium; it is a form of art and an excellent pretext for building relationships with other sound enthusiasts, contrary to the ideals of an isolating society closing itself off from other humans.


In conclusion, for me, vinyl is not just a return to the roots of listening to music, to the good old times of musical traditions. Vinyl is, above all, a medium that connects me with other people in a community that values authenticity, aesthetics, and genuine human relationships. Vinyl is a symbol not only of a musical experience but also of social integration and mutual understanding, opening up to others. The vinyl record is a unique musical space where one person meets another. That’s it, and that’s all!