Christian, Gunes, Deat Star Talk

“THE HURRICANE” by Dead Star Talk is coming

I’ve written about this band before, analyzing their debut album (read: Dead Star Talk – a bold debut with “Too Many Too Much”) and in the examination of their upcoming album “Solid State Chemicals” (read: “Dead Star Talk. Solid State Chemicals – cover, test press, contest, and extras”).

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Marek Biliński, SBB

Perhaps you know, but I am a dedicated fan of good classic hard rock. Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple have always been my vibe, through thick and thin. But I am aware of the blending of genres in music. I navigate through the musical space of Web 3.0 and encounter a diversity of musical genres, mostly hip-hop, nu R&B, and electronic music. The latter has always fascinated me, and artists like Jean-Michelle Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Marek Biliński, and the band SBB were part of my youth. By the way, who still listens to them? Because I sometimes go back to them!

I must admit that I’ve been drawn to acoustic and jazz sounds for some time now. Jazz, which was once unfamiliar and challenging to me, is now perceived as a kind of friend. The enchanted has been unenchanted!

It’s about the people

The music itself is not as important as the fact that those who create it use real instruments, voices, and skills to conjure the sounds that play in their hearts.

For me, modern sound generators don’t matter much, and I closely examine artificial intelligence in music. For me, it’s about the human, their dedication to music, and the creativity that can move me. For example, the song “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin or “Child in Time” by Deep Purple is an immortal canon of rock music. They have lived in me since the first day I heard them!

In this context, the work of the Dead Star Talk band resonates with me so much! When I first heard their song “Solid State Chemicals,” a spark ignited between me and a band I had not known before.

I don’t know much about musical genres. Polish Mr. Vinyl (Pan Winyl) emphasizes that Dead Star Talk has the potential of Oasis, The Verve, and even The Beatles. But what speaks to me is that Flemming Rasmussen, the award-winning producer of Metallica, wanted to work with them immediately when he heard Dead Star Talk’s jingles for the first time. This indicates that the discerning ear of a producer heard something that could become a new star! And that’s why we can expect an extraordinary musical adventure for the second time!

The weather forecast predicts an approaching hurricane

Christian Buhl stated that the song “The Hurricane” is probably the best piece the band has produced so far. And I must admit that I hope the band will continue in this direction. And this direction is writing catchy rock n’ roll songs! It has potential!

“The Hurricane”: electric or acoustic?

The song begins acoustically. Christian’s guitar sounds melodic, and Gunes adds a touch of mystery to the beginning. He plays a traditional Turkish instrument called SAZ. Seems like nothing, but when we listen to these delicate sounds woven into Christian’s chords, another dimension of rock n’ roll opens up before us! A world of music in a different dimension!

The rhythmic section enters with a bass chord in only around 50 seconds. This is where the song turns towards electricity. A wall of sound richly woven with details appears, and the two vocals of Christian and Gunes interweave, creating a very interesting harmony. Christian’s vocals take the lead. His vocals charmed me in earlier tracks. I feel as if Christian sings completely nonchalantly as if he doesn’t care, but that feeling fades when he moves on to the chorus, to the titular “hurricane.”

In addition to combining acoustic and electric guitars, adding a seven-string SAZ guitar, and two vocals, this track has another extraordinary quality that makes this song a hit: whistling! Oh yes! I don’t think anyone expected it, and here it is! It’s such a familiar and clichéd element in songs like “la la la,” “wo wo wo.” But the subtle whistling adds flavour, making the song immediately closer to the heart!

A different dimension of rock n’ roll

Dead Star Talk is an international band: Christian is Danish but lives in Hamburg, Gunes is of Turkish origin but lives in Copenhagen, and Klaus and Erik are Danish and also live in Copenhagen.

Their producer is the legendary producer of early Metallica albums – Flemming Rasmussen. The man who transformed the face of thrash metal and who wasn’t afraid to take under his wing a young Britpop band. Flemming is not only their producer but also recorded (also the first) and mastered their album! You could say he’s the musical “father” of Dead Star Talk. All of this makes the band’s music unique and speaks for itself.

DEAD STAR TALK at Sweet Silence Studios with Flemming Rasmussen

Second vinyl album

As POLVINYL Records, we have the pleasure of pressing this album on vinyl! When we hear what Flemming said about the pressed test press – we have smiles from ear to ear! The band and Flemming approved the dynamism of its sound! Now all that remains is pressing!

Little Vinyl Party Tour

By the way, this is an interesting experience not only for pressing the record. For Dead Star Talk, we are organizing a small Vinyl Party Tour in Poland in several cities. It will be a series of acoustic concerts in vinyl shops and vinyl communities, including Krakow, Gliwice, Warsaw, and Wroclaw or Lodz. Since we have become close to the band and their label Massive92, at the end of June, we organized the VINYL PARTY TOUR for the fans of the band and vinyl. It will be a series of several acoustic concerts in vinyl shops and vinyl communities. Along with the band, we will be in Krakow, Gliwice, Warsaw, and Wroclaw or Lodz. Oh, it’s going to be exciting!

Test Press signed by Dead Star Talk and Flemming Rasmussen and cover of the 2nd album

Hey, adventure!

The musical adventure never ends! Every time I hear someone say that musical genres have ended, that rock is dead. It’s time to explore new musical territories. It’s time for Dead Star Talk! The hurricane is coming! Let’s be ready for a musical adventure!