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Dead Star Talk: Bold Debut with “Too Many, Too Much”

Dead Star Talk, a band from Denmark and Germany, shook the music world with their debut album titled “TOO MANY TOO MUCH.” Journalists and music reviewers from various parts of Europe have enthusiastically embraced the album since its release in 2022. Let’s explore the impressions left by their first full-length album.

According to the German magazine Visions, the 10 tracks on the album are full of hit potential and accessibility. Reviewers noted that each melody replaces the next before you have a chance to notice, showcasing the band’s skill in blending different sounds into a cohesive whole. According to Visions Magazine, this makes the album incredibly appealing to listeners.

Our Sound Music from the UK acknowledges Dead Star Talk as a band that is ahead of its time. Reviewers emphasize their expectation that the band’s music will quickly reach audiences in America, the UK, and beyond. It’s surprising that despite coming from a country with a limited musical connection to the global music scene, Dead Star Talk has proven that anything is possible, and “TOO MANY TOO MUCH” is just the beginning of their musical journey.

Dead Star Talk: from left: Günes Kocak (guitar-vocals), Erik Jensen (bass), Christian Bühl (guitar-vocals) and Claus Nielsen (drums)

Classic Rock Magazine also showers praise on the band. They believe the band’s songs oscillate between groove, punk, and catchiness. Massive guitars and moving choruses make Dead Star Talk stand out in 2022. It’s a phenomenon that surprises and delights.

The band has gained recognition not only in Western Europe. Peace, Love & Bananas from Spain compares Dead Star Talk to the golden era of British pop from the 90s, noting that the musicians have evoked the spirit of that time, offering something unique.

Nordic Music Central from the UK, claims that Dead Star Talk is the freshest breath of Britpop in a long time. Their music is compared to the best works of the genre from the 1990s.

Blogger Kendall Lacey predicts a great future for the band, suggesting that Dead Star Talk could be the next band capable of conquering music arenas. This speaks to the immense potential hidden in their debut album.

Gaffa from Denmark observes that the album exudes authentic love for guitar and choral rock. This feeling is palpable throughout the record, making it perfect for long, bright summer nights.

According to John Kennedy from Radio X, Dead Star Talk has also gained popularity on the radio. Both listeners and critics like the band’s apparent immersion in British Britpop despite coming from Denmark and Germany.

Dead Star Talk: from left: Claus Nielsen (drums), Günes Kocak (guitar-vocals), Christian Bühl (guitar-vocals), Erik Jensen (bass)

The band’s accolades find confirmation in Belgium as well, where Enola, after the SPOT Festival 2021 concert, emphasizes Dead Star Talk’s solid rock construction, comparing them to Oasis and The Beatles from the “Revolver” album period.

On the other hand, Chief Editor and Music Director of Antyradio in Poland, Marcin Bąkiewicz, expresses his appreciation for the band, thanking them for songs that bring joy to the hearts and ears of listeners.

In Germany, EgoFM describes Dead Star Talk as one of the most exciting new rock phenomena of the past year, and Kulturnews emphasizes that the band brings back the splendor, freedom, and euphoria of arena rock music.

In summary, the debut album “TOO MANY TOO MUCH” by Dead Star Talk has met with acclaim from reviewers. The band has been recognized for the freshness of their sound, the diversity of their tracks, and nods to the golden era of Britpop.

Will Dead Star Talk fulfill the predictions and achieve international fame? Only time will tell, but their debut is certainly a promising step towards success.

Will their second album, “SOLID STATE CHEMICALS” be as fresh and captivating as the first? Already, after a few tracks from this album, set to premiere on May 31, 2024, it’s evident that the band has not lost any of its sound. Their music electrifies and reaches the inner depths of the listener.

It’s time for Dead Star Talk!

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