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DEAD STAR TALK “SOLID STATE CHEMICALS” – Cover, Test Press, Competition, and Extras

This article is filled with surprises such as “good grits with cracklings”! DEAD STAR TALK with their second album “Solid State Chemicals” – it’s time to embark on an adventure!

On May 31, 2024, the vinyl premiere will take place. Beware! The full album will be available for streaming just one month after its release! After that, we will take it down. If you want to listen to this record, you can do so in a very simple way: buy the vinyl, download it, or purchase the NFT.

Partnership with Massive92

Both Mr. Vinyl and Polvinyl have become representatives of the German label Massive92, as you already know. In their musical stable, they have, among others, Klemens Hannigan and the band DEAD STAR TALK.

From left: Günes Kocak (guitar, vocals), Erik Jensen (bass), Flemming Rasmussen (recording, mixing, mastering, drums)

Massive92 entrusted us with distributing Klemens Hannigan’s album in Poland, which was well-received by many of his fans in our country. However, the publisher went further. In the case of the excellent German-Danish band DEAD STAR TALK, they commissioned us to press their second album, “Solid State Chemicals.”

Oasis fans and Metallica producer

I hope you already know that DEAD STAR TALK’s second album was recorded at Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen. Let’s just add that Sweet Silence Studios belongs to Flemming Rasmussen, known as the producer of thrash metal.

He was the producer of three Metallica albums: “Ride The Lightning,” “Master Of Puppets,” and “…And Justice For All,” leading to a distinct change in the sound of metal. Looking at the members of DEAD STAR TALK, you can clearly hear the influence of Oasis in the background. If you don’t believe me, check it out yourself by listening to the track “Twenty,” the first single from the album “Solid State Chemicals,” which is also available as an NFT. It’s a piece of good pop-rock!


During a private conversation with Christian Bühlem, the author of the lyrics, music, vocalist, and guitarist of the band, I learned that their first entry into Flemming’s studio was spontaneous and accidental. It started with a short EP recording session and turned into a relationship full of friendship with the famous producer. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Flemming Rasmussen became the producer of both the first album “Too Many Too Much” and the current second album of the band „Solid State Chemicals.”

DEAD STAR TALK gained a wonderful mentor who understood the sound. And that’s why we can say that their second album is different from the first. Rasmussen not only mastered the entire album but also recorded and mixed it! Undoubtedly, the result of his work is a beautiful piece of beautiful musical craftsmanship. By adding the exquisite matrix cutting and pressing guaranteed by POLVINYL and our partner R.A.N.D. Muzik in Germany, we create another publishing gem.

Album cover

Without hesitation, I entrusted the printing of the cover to MGT Printing Company, with whom I have been cooperating for a long time. As usual, we received top-quality execution. The graphic design was created by the team, and Angelika Bujak took care of the print preparation again. Angelika had previously created the graphics for Dagadana’s “Meridian 68.” We have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to our Polish graphic designers, and Angelika perfectly understands the nuances of contemporary vinyl covers.

Cover of the album “Solid State Chemicals” front and back

Test presses

Christian from DEAD STAR TALK informed me that he has already received test pressings of their latest release, “Solid State Chemicals.” On February 16, 2024, along with other band members, he plans to visit Sweet Silence Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, to listen to the album with Flemming Rasmussen and benefit from his experience before approving the final pressing.

Test press “Solid State Chemicals”

Although I would love to participate in this listening session, it won’t be possible for me yet. But beware, DEAD STAR TALK will take care of it, and the entire event will be documented. Thanks to this, not only I but all of us will have the opportunity to see how the legendary producer listens to the test pressing prepared by POLVINYL for the first time.

In the Copenhagen studio, the band members and Flemming Rasmussen will sign all test presses, and three of them will be up for grabs in the DEAD STAR TALK x Massive92 x POLVINYL x Pan Winyl (Mr. Vinyl) contest. Contest conditions below!

The video will be available exclusively for those who purchased the vinyl version of the album during the pre-sale or the limited NFT edition of “Solid State Chemicals”!

If you want to catch a glimpse of the video from this extraordinary event, join our community.

Contest participation conditions

  • Purchase the DEAD STAR TALK “Solid State Chemicals” album during the pre-sale until 20/05/2024 by 23:59. • On 21/05/2024, you will receive an email (remember to consent to receive marketing content from POLVINYL when purchasing the album) with a small, creative task.
  • You will have 72 hours to complete the task.
  • Send the completed task to the address: no later than 72 hours after receiving the email with the task.
  • Within the next 72 hours, a jury consisting of the DEAD STAR TALK team – Christian, Erick, Claus, and Gunes, as well as Mr. Vinyl – will select three people who will receive signed test presses from us.
  • Results will be announced on social media, and the winners will receive confirmation via email!
  • The shipment of records along with prizes will take place around 27/05/2024.

DEAD STAR TALK’s first album “Too Many Too Much,” CD EP, and a T-shirt

Massive92 also provided us with a package of extras. They will be available in April, only for those who purchased “Solid State Chemicals” during the pre-sale. In mid-April, these individuals will receive a special offer to purchase this set at a very attractive price!

That’s not all…

People who decide to own the NFT “Solid State Chemicals” for a year will receive weekly rewards in the form of $10 VINYL tokens. The reward will be automatically paid out every Friday and will be credited to the wallets of those holding this NFT.

Furthermore, this is not the end of surprises! In June, the band will come to Poland for a few acoustic concerts. Surely, both vinyl and NFT buyers will be invited.

And lastly, NFT owners will get access to the band’s secret Telegram group and entry to the live stream with the band on POLVINYL.XYZ.

Turbo Top – Antyradio

You can also vote for the single “Solid State Chemicals” in the Antyradio’s Turbo Top p! Antyradia – Turbo Top chart! Let it climb to the top!

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