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Klemens Hannigan's, one of internationally known Icelandic shock-art project HATARI’s two lead singers, album "Low Light" has been released and is available for sale..

The album is a departure from HATARI’s gleeful nihilist cynicism, as Klemens strikes a more honest tone.

It’s always hard to describe personal, earnest creations, so we’re calling it soulful and at times wistful slow-dance deep-pop.

The album is a co-production with Leifur Björns of Low Roar, in collaboration with UK electronic legend Howie B.

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0:00 / 0:00
Never Loved Someone So Much - Low Light
Step by step - Low Light
Spend Some Time On Me Baby - Low Light
Nothing Matters - Low Light


Side A

A1. Never Loved Someone So Much (3:14)

A2. No Time To Get Heartbroken (3:44)

A3. Step by step (2:59)

A4. Spend Some Time On Me Baby (3:08)

A5. Dont Want To Talk About It (2:46)

Side B

B6. You have Been Looking At Me Lately (3:05)

B7. Dont Feel Right (3:37)

B8. Someone Else (3:41)

B9. A Breach Of Etiquette (3:35)

B10. Baby Your Crazy (3:21)

B11. Nothing Matters (2:52)

Detailed information about the vinyl


Album title: LOW LIGHT

Album release: April 21, 2023

Label name: MASSIVE 92 / FACTORY 92

Production: Leifur Björns (Low Roar)

Co-production: Howie B. (U2, Björk, Massive Attack)

Label code: 98373

Klemens Hannigan LOW LIGHT


Price: €19,99

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Klemens Hannigan


Klemens Hannigan
Klemens Hannigan

Klemens Nikulásson Hannigan is a British-Icelandic composer, performer, and carpenter based in Reykjavik. He is most known for his role in award-winning multimedia techno performance art project HATARI, where he collaborates on all aspects of the project, from composing and performing the music to the direction of the visual aspects of the project.

HATARI gained worldwide recognition in 2019 with a highly controversial performance that stole the show as the absolute highlight of that year’s Eurovision Song Contest, where their performance and their actions garnered massive press coverage. Highlights included John Oliver describing them as “Magnificent” and that “HATARI Are Better Informed Than Trump”.

As Klemens is putting the finishing touches on his first solo album, he is cultivating his musical and songwriting talents, exploring new styles and genres. His upcoming album is a departure from his previous body of work, an honest work, digging deep into his emotions. His focus is on the songwriting, laid out in a soul wrenching, ethereal groove that will charm the hearts of any emotionally conscious being.

Between the high-points of HATARI and his current ventures, he’s been making a name for himself locally as a furniture designer and maker. He also found time to finish a BA in fine arts, and exhibiting visual art in galleries and venues around Reykjavík. These different mediums all make up Klemens’s creative outlet, all working together to craft the sum total naive perfectionist.

With HATARI he has recieved several awards and recognitions, a list that includes the Icelandic Music Awards, for Performer of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Male Vocalist of the Year.

Klemens’s first solo album is due to be released soon. On the album he makes an alliance with instrumentalist and producer Leifur Björns (Cheek Mountain Thief, Low Roar) who acts as the general slash co-pilot, and producer Howie B (U2, Massive Attack, Björk, Tricky) the spiritual guide of their journey.