Edgar Bronfman (vinyl quotes 42)

“I feel like I got my first real taste of Caribbean and Cuban culture while I was there. I have quite a sizeable Cuban vinyl collection from Miami thrift stores.”

Chris Black (vinyl quotes 41)

“I like keeping music in front of people. I try to sell at shows as much as I can – setting up a distro table and bringing out crates of vinyl.”

Instruments in jazz music (Jazz 3)

Jazz New Orlean AI

Jazz music is a genre full of rich sounds and possibilities for artistic expression. A key element of jazz is the instruments that give it its distinctive sound and energy. 

“THE HURRICANE” by Dead Star Talk is coming

Christian, Gunes, Deat Star Talk

The song “The Hurricane” is probably Dead Star Talk’s best song so far. I hope the team will continue in this direction. And this direction is writing hit rock n’ roll songs! This has potential!

Music in Ancient Greek Philosophy

Arystoteles about music

Music is an ancient art of sounds that played a significant role in the lives of ancient Greeks. Philosophers of that time delved into the mysteries of music and its impact on the human soul.