In one of his interviews, Patryk Scelina emphasized the difficulty of the task he faced when writing music for MY MEMORY OF US. He had to combine the delicate world of a trusting child with the brutal reality of war.

MY MEMORY OF US tells the story of the friendship of a boy and a girl and their struggle with the distorted reality of World War II. The game contains many references to real people and historical facts.

Composer Patryk Scelina successfully overcame the challenge of combining candy-colored landscapes with the horror of war and Klezmer sound.

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Side A

A1. My Memory of Us Suite 3:23

A2. The Book Store 3:03

A3. The Old Man’s Story 1:04

A4. Kids at Play 3:07

A5. Stealing a Cake 7:03

A6. The Boy’s Rescue 2.50

Side B

B1. Incoming! 1:13

B2. Night at The Ghetto 3:02

B3. Fearful Forest 5:04

B4. Requiem for The Red Folk 3:26

B5. Janusz kept His Promise… 1:13

B6. Fugitives Run 4:58

B7. Scherzo for Friends 1:46


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Album title: MY MEMORY OF US

Album release: 


Label code: 

Composer: Patryk Scelina


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Patryk Scelina

Patryk Scelina has been present in the music industry as a composer and creator of sound libraries for over a decade. His works appear in a variety of media, perhaps most famously in video games. When composing soundtracks and designing adaptive music systems, Scelina takes an individual approach to each project. His experience in sampling and sound design allows him to enhance traditional instruments and achieve an organic, unique sound quality. With game mechanics in mind, his music blends seamlessly with the narrative, enhancing immersion in a cohesive way.

When working on a game project, he usually brings together professionals to deliver refined, atmospheric soundtracks, ready for implementation in the game engine. His latest game soundtracks are particularly stylistically diverse. "The Amazing American Circus" set in the Golden Age of the USA, is strongly inspired by old American music, bluegrass, blues, and country. “Sin Collector: Repentless” showcases dark and ominous sound design, leading to an intense orchestral soundtrack. A joyful, magical hybrid with ethnic music influences serves as the soundtrack to "KAO The Kangaroo." His latest game soundtrack is "Slavic Punk – Oldtimer", a dystopian electronic noir that serves to present a futuristic detective story. The intense and gritty sound design, incorporating elements of punk and electronic music, blends perfectly with the game's dark and immersive atmosphere.

Scelina's intuition and knowledge allow him to compose moving soundtracks that are valued in the industry. Scelina's music also appears in many TV and Netflix productions around the world, as she collaborates with one of the largest music publishers, BMG Production Music, creating music for various TV shows, trailers, and teasers.

In addition to his composing career, he runs a sound library development studio called Sonic Atoms, sharing his projects with composers from around the world. His other source of inspiration and great joy is teaching. Scelina shares her passion with students as a lecturer at the University of Lower Silesia and the Academy of Music. Karol Lipiński in Wrocław.

Patryk Scelina