The role of music in society. Why is music important? (1)

the therapeutic use of music

The question about the role of music in society has been asked for centuries and continues to fascinate and inspire us. Music is more than just a form of entertainment. Music is a powerful force that has the ability to shape our emotions, influence our behavior, and connect us with others on a completely different level.

“THE HURRICANE” by Dead Star Talk is coming

Christian, Gunes, Deat Star Talk

The song “The Hurricane” is probably Dead Star Talk’s best song so far. I hope the team will continue in this direction. And this direction is writing hit rock n’ roll songs! This has potential!

Introduction to Jazz Music. Definition of Jazz Music (Jazz 1)


Jazz music is a fascinating and highly influential musical genre that has captivated audiences worldwide for a long time. It is a musical form that cannot be defined in a single sentence, but it can be described as a dynamic and expressive art of sound that combines various musical elements such as improvisation, rhythm, harmony, […]