Karo Glazer has turned her voice into an instrument of outstanding capabilities supported by a 4-octave range of voice and extraordinary musical imagination. She is referred to as one of the most original vocal artists of recent years, for many called Lady Dynamite. She is a vocal artist, composer, arranger and music producer all at the same time. In May of 2020 her talent was recognised and appreciated by Tom Waits, Dla Lipa and Coldplay, and so she became one of the winners of the International Songwriting Competition – the most important songwriters’ contest in the world. Throughout her career she’s collaborated with i.e. Lars Danielsson, Mike Stern, John Taylor and a multiple Grammy-winning producer Martin Walters. In its ‘Crossing Project’ edition ‘Rzeczpospolita’ says: ‘And so a sparkle of new hope for Polish vocalism has been born. Her name’s Karo Glazer and it’s a name worth remembering and telling to your friends. You haven’t heard of her? Do it. She’s our true singing asset and the best Poland has to offer’. On a daily basis the artist lives and produces music in London.

After the premiere of her debut album NORMAL in 2008, her unusual talent was noticed not only in Poland, but also in Europe as a result of which she went on a concert tour of Europe appearing on the greatest European jazz scenes and promoting her new album. Her name was mentioned by German Der Spiegel and her concerts were covered by TV stations such as: Deutsche Welle i NDR. Concert venues were filled to capacity during her appearances for example on: Open’er Festival and Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. The series of concerts in the legendary Quasimodo Club in Berlin is also among her successes. She supported the concerts of such stars as Gotan Project or James Carter. She performed e. g. in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Netherlands or Czech Republic.

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Lady Dynamite

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The Hurricane
Good People?
Solid State Chemicals


Side A

A1 Twenty 

A2 The Hurricane

A3 Good People?

A4 Solid State Chemicals

A5 Forever Was Before pt. 1

Side B

B1 Generations

B2 Our Beat Is On Repeat

B3 Jealous Dream

B4 Forever Was Before pt. 2

B5 White Lies, Black Skies

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Album title: Solid State Chemicals

Album release: 31 May 2024

Label name: MASSIVE 92 / FACTORY 92

Label code: 98373

Composer: Christian Holl Buhl, Günes Svarre Kocak, Erik Ottar Jensen, Claus Nielsen

Writer: Christian Holl Buhl

Origin: Hamburg (DE) & Copenhagen (DK)

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23. Oct.

1st single release "Twenty"

26 Jan.

2nd single release "Solid State Chemicals"



19 Apr.

4th single release "Good People?"