Super fans in the music world

In July 2023, music research firm Luminet released its much-anticipated report for the first half of the year. Among the many interesting observations, one theme struck me: the phenomenon of the super fan.

Who are the super fans? Why is it so important to any artist? This article delves into Luminate’s findings and sheds light on what makes these super-fans such a unique and important part of the music industry.

Super Fan 5+ (version)

For its report, Luminate came up with a clear definition of the term “super fan.” They show music enthusiasts, ages 13 and older, interacting with artists and their stories across multiple platforms:

  1. Streaming;
  2. Follow your favorite artists on social media.
  3. Physical music purchases;
  4. Purchase of goods; and
  5. to attend live shows.

Essentially, these super fans are the ultimate devotees, expressing their unwavering devotion through various means.

Pioneers in music discovery

One notable finding from the Luminate report is that super fans are +54% more likely to be “their first friends to discover new music and artists.” Superfans, always on the lookout for the next new thing, are emerging as trendsetters in a world where music trends change quickly. The ability to innovate has played an important role in shaping the landscape of the music industry.

Luminate’s 2023 Midyear Music Raport

Personal relationships

Another interesting revelation is that +59% of super fans tend to express a desire to connect with artists on a more personal level. In an age of distancing, this desire for a deeper connection with the creators of their favorite songs is an emotional connection where music makes superfans want to understand the artists behind their passions and seek evidence of intimacy beyond the realm of mere fandom.

Building communities

Super fans are also +43% more likely to express their love for participating in the communities provided by particular artists. In an age of virtual spaces and the new concert hall, this community offers a haven for like-minded people to meet, discuss, and celebrate their shared passion for more than just music. It’s about the shared experience and friendship that come with it.

Luminate’s 2023 Midyear Music Raport

Super fans: A significant number

Luminet’s report also revealed that 15% of the population falls into the category of super fans. These dedicated individuals, driven by their irrepressible enthusiasm, are the backbone of the music industry.

Even more impressive is their economic impact. Super fans dominate the US music market, consuming an impressive +80% of music each month. This refers to a willingness to invest in music for their service, whether through concert tickets, merchandise, physical media, or streaming music subscriptions.

Interestingly, those who purchase physical forms of music, such as vinyl, CDs, and cassettes, are more than twice as likely (+128%) to become huge fans of their music. This melancholy band values not only the sonic experience but also the tangible connection they find through the physical collection.

Furthermore, the Luminate report confirms that U.S. millennial music listeners spend +22% more, while Gen Z music listeners spend +13% more on monthly music categories compared to the US. about the average music listener who There is a generational shift in music consumption, and crucially, this changing landscape has highlighted the role of super fans.

In July 2023, music research firm Luminet released its much-anticipated report for the first half of the year. Among the many interesting observations, one theme struck me: the phenomenon of the super fan.
Luminate’s 2023 Midyear Music Raport

In conclusion, Luminate’s in-depth research into super-fans in the music world reveals the emotion, commitment, and complex influence these passionate individuals bring to the industry; they were the trends, communicators, and economic engines that sustained the music ecosystem. As we progress through the ever-changing music scene, one thing remains constant: super fans beat with the heart of the industry, ensuring that the passion continues to reverberate far and wide.

So it’s time to change the music marketing model, focus on the super fans, and give them a personalized offer. Otherwise, artists have no way of increasing the popularity or sales of their music.